Hi, this is Joe O'Malley

Owner and operator of Floor Surface Care, Inc.  I have been cleaning carpet for over 40 years offering quality service to my customers. I’ve been cleaning with the Host Dry Extraction cleaning method since 1978 while still attending college.

I strive to provide a carpet cleaning service so well, that I'm invited back again next time by 1st time customers because they were so satisfied with the end result.  I love hearing when my customers tell me how great the carpet looks and how they hate walking on their newly cleaned carpet. And they can because it’s Dry and ready to use!

If you want to get carpet really clean, there is no easy and quick fix to get troubled carpet clean. To get carpet really clean it takes some time and effort to do a good job and that is how I approach each home we enter. Another feature is because it’s dry the customer has the option to clean the whole carpet or just where it is dirty! When we leave, the carpet is ready for immediate use. No dry time, no water worries.

As you know, there are many carpet cleaning companies to choose from.  I could be undersold, but I strive to make my customers "happy campers" and know the job will get done with the least amount of hassle and minimum dry time...... like 15 minutes or so.....